Behind The Tracks: ADCC - Arrest Degenerates (Single) (2021)

The idea to cover Ice Cube’s Arrest The President (styled Arrest Degenerates) was conceived after a fateful encounter with an Alamance County Sheriff Deputy ( Police already had engaged a campaign of harassment against me due to previous work with anti-racist activity in Graham, North Carolina. In this area, the pigs and the Confederates are one in the same, they protect each other and this protection is well documented.
Citizens of Alamance county will be able to pick up the references in this song as it has been reworked to tell shine a light on the gross injustices happening against both people of color and anti-racist peaceful protesters. While I am no Ice Cube, it was an honor to cover this song. I believe it shares quite well the point of view of people who are so fed up with the joke of law-enforcement that exists in Graham, along with the overt racist tactics consistently perpetrated by both pigs and confeds.

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