Behind The Tracks: Dig Two Graves - Deathspeaker (Single) (2021)

The origins of Deathspeaker are probably the most interesting story behind any of our songs to date. The night before the bulk of the song was written Josh, Kenny, and their personal assistant had a fun night of playing Mario Kart while under the influence of alcohol. As it turns out, Josh had a little more than he had planned on and got more intoxicated than intended and as a result, was very hung over the next morning. Something about the alcohol still in his system and brain cells on the verge of tears, inspired him to write the most experimental song of Dig Two Graves’ to date. About ninety-five percent of this seven and a half minute masterpiece was written by Josh in a matter of hours the morning after.

Deathspeaker is an expansion and improvement on every aspect of Dig Two Graves’ last release Deathwish. The song starts with a clean guitar intro that unexpectedly hits the listener with downtuned guitar, heavy drums, and bass that are headphone shattering. The song takes many twists and turns throughout its duration. One second there is a clean chorus with background screams and a myriad of layers of clean vocals, and next there is a breakdown sure to get everyone and their grandmother moshing in the pit. Deathspeaker takes many chances with soaring orchestras, two breakdowns, and even an unexpected jazz breakdown. This song has something for everyone and is a must listen for anyone with good taste in music.

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