Behind The Tracks: IRONWILL - Save Me (Single) (2021)


Starting from the first work “The Jonathan’s Journey” a concept album against bullying, IRONWILL is exploring new psychological themes that are of interest to the whole public. SAVE ME deals with different aspects of emotions involved in human relationships defined as 'love'. We are condemned to look for love that completes us but there are many types of love. In the first verse, love for one's own evolution is introduced; the awakening of awareness in order to give meaning to one's existence. Then physical love, even in its excesses as long as in mutual respect, is expression of freedom of choice. The chorus is a kaleidoscopic reading of that freedom. The second verse is about domination that results in violence against women. Whether it is physical or moral violence, it’s a sin that cannot be forgiven. On the CD the track is an electric ballad with a rhythmic crescendo; the video was shot in a live acoustic session with classical guitars.

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