Behind The Tracks: Pressure - Ingen Som Hör Dig (Single) (2021)

This particular Story Metal track is based upon an urge. Passion, raw and unremittable passion. When passion gets a hold of you, you cannot control yourself. You have to go with it. We, Pressure, has seen a lot of passion out in the real world. Passion is neither good or bad, it’s just an urge. We wanted to write a story about how passion builds up and how it grows during the day and as the anticipation grows so does your longing to experience your passion. We wrote this song based upon a true story, where there is two persons that will meet for real for the first time. They have developed a relationship over the internet. And there has been a lot of strong words and feelings exchanged. They also sent a lot of naughty pictures to each other and built a feeling of yearning. But how will the first meeting go? As we know one of the persons, we got to see one of the texts that was sent the same day. This stated “Well baby, tonight! Scream if you want…No one can hear you…” and this started the song. Would the first meeting be a fantastic first date ending with a passionate night together? Would It be a bad night because they didn’t meet the others’ expectations? Or would it end up in disaster where a bad passion let them into situations that they didn’t agree on? Scream, cry or shout now, no one can hear you tonight is the final line on the chorus of the song and its up to the listener to make up his or her mind of how the night ended. We have also done a video where we tell the story up to the meeting of the two.

We wrote the song in a quite short period of time as the story guided us to write it. This is true for most Story Metal songs. The riff, the beat and the mood of the song is there to enhance the feeling.

We think that this song could help people to talk about and understand passion. You should be true to your passion and not be afraid of it. It can lead you to wonderful places and you will experience fantastic things through it. But it can also knock you down. But don’t be afraid of that. Because your passion will also help to pick you up when you get knocked down. Passion is represented in this song by the will to live life to its fullest and dare to take the chance!

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