Behind The Tracks: Quiet Like A Thief - Travel In Time (Single) (2021)

2020 was certainly a year that has impacted millions of people, and one that the band faced many strange and unpredictable happenings. 'Travel in Time' is a song we wrote about loved ones passing away, facing strange and difficult situations, and feeling lost along the way. The lyrics talk about wanting to "travel in time," whether it be to the past or future, to times where things were happier and simpler, or to a time in the future far away from current hardships. However, even through such difficult times, we learned to remain strong, even though it may have felt wrong. It's okay to pass the point of grieving, carry on with your life, and keep your head up. No matter how dark a current situation may be, time does heal, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We think that is important to remember.

Ryan and I sat down over a couple beers to jam, little did we know we were going to write the complete foundation of this song which was originally titled 'Darkest Winter.' It was a much heavier rock song that fit the vibes of a depressing winter through such a devastating pandemic. Funny enough, we worked with our producer Alan Day, and before we knew it, it had turned into a complete pop punk banger, ready to be a summer jam of 2021. We couldn't have been more happy with its final form.

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