Track By Tracks: AVALANCHE - Second Hand Band (2021)

1. Killer Instinct:

Killer Instinct is a fast paced, energetic starter to the EP, it definitely turns things up to 11! It’s written about a girl, with a fiery tenacity, driven for one goal: to get you! And musically it really captures the energy and ferocity of our live show so it was a perfect opener for us, and we often open our live shows with it too.

2. Second Hand Band:

'Second Hand Band' is very much about our experiences so far as a rock band in Australia, finding our way and finding our voice. It's kind of like our 'It's a long way to the top'. And musically, it's very raw and simple but powerful and catchy. It’s got a very early 70s vibe, and guitar wise it’s all about the rhythm and the extra little embellishments with the lead guitar. It’s pretty minimal for what it is but that’s what often rocks the hardest and what we wanted to capture.

3. Get Back (To Fuckwit City):

This track is really just a fun tongue in cheek ode to our home city of Sydney. It’s very anthemic, and always a crowd favourite, everyone always loves singing along to it at shows and really gets into it. It's definitely become a staple of our set and even tho we wrote it about our experiences in Sydney, I think anyone in any city can relate to it as most people have some sort of love/hate relationship with their hometown

4. Spit In My Mouth:

Spit In My Mouth is kind of like a rock n’ roll take of a punk song, with quick fire lyrics and a melody and chorus that will burn into your brain and an outro solo that will get anyone's ears buzzing, all set to a blistering rhythm track. And we wrote it about people following trends, and other people and the media trying to shove the latest thing down your throat all the time and how your individuality may suffer for it. So we wrote it about not giving a fuck about any of that like ‘we ain’t gonna spit inside your mouth’ or shove anything down your throat, and that you should be yourself and not the person next to you.

5. Down In The Gutter:

Down In The Gutter is usually our live show finisher, a punchy song written about feeling sad, or down. With a killer breakdown and solo packed into the outtro and a chord progression to get your kicks to. Most of the lyrics were totally improvised tho so don’t ask us exactly what it means! But it’s a really good song to help let out your anger and energy too, cos isn’t that what music is for at the end of the day?

6. Permanent Ink:

'Permanent Ink’ is a really hard n’ heavy track about not giving a shit about what other people think. It's about people and society judging others by their ‘Ink’, the tattoos, scars, appearances and experiences that we wear proudly on our sleeves, wrapped up in an uncompromising, riff-driven thrill ride crossing many boarders of hard rock and heavy metal, as have a lot of different and interesting sections musically in that track

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