Track By Tracks: Balmog - Eve (2021)

1. Horror in Circuitu:

The album begins with this introduction, basic, very rhythmic and with a double intention. On the one hand, we wanted to generate tension before the storm, we used rhythmic melodies and dynamics that create that tense point that end up exploding like a beating open heart. But the intro has another function. The production of this album is dense, opaque, dark and raw and in some way helps to prepare the listener's ear. The intro is inspired by Celtic Frost's Innocence and Wrath and In Solitude's He Comes.

2. Birth of Feral:

With this song we wanted to mark the intention of the album, that balance between the classic Balmog elements based on black / death metal and all those new elements inspired by styles that are further away from extreme metal. Clean voices, dissonances, very rhythmic parts but also pure black metal. This song largely sums up the album. From Fields of Nephilim to Mayhem.

3. Senreira:

The first two songs refer to Genesis, the moment before the birth of human horror. With this topic, the intention is to delve a little more into violence and the primary feeling of hatred. Musically it is inspired by Ved Buens Ende, psychedelic rock and even classic heavy metal, noticeable in the middle-main part and the solo.

4. Slander:

We were looking for a certain pause, looking for an abrasive and crawling environment. It may seem curious, but it is influenced by the slower songs of Morbid Angel and especially by Danzig. There is a certain atmosphere between the erotic and the decadent.

5. Agnus Dei:

We have composed our records based on the vinyl format. It is something that was done in the 70s and 80s and today only few follow that way. This song composed by Varunian (collaboration we have included in all our albums) closes side A of the album, in some way it can be understood then as an outro of a first part. Conceptually it refers to the sacrifice of the divine as the beginning of a new stage marked by the human will and not the divine.

6. Desacougo:

This Galician word could be translated by uneasiness, that feeling between fear and uncertainty. There were doubts about the final title of the album and one of the options was to title the record with this name, since it defines very well the feeling that we intend to create with this album, both musically and conceptually. Our intention is that once the album ends, the listener feels certain emotion of emptiness and nihilism.

7. Zohar:

A song that we consider as instrumental, despite the fact that there is a small part with lyrics in the middle. Actually it is an extract of a poem written by Galizian Xosé María Díaz Castro, where he talks about the divine and creation. There was a whole lyric for this song, but we finally decided to compose a song without vocal parts like the rest, which was a real challenge. Balmog has always based the change of intensity and texture on vocals, so we had to achieve the same with only instruments. Song influenced by Iron Maiden and Burzum.

8. Carrion Heart:

In the musical there are many ideas taken from the creativity of S. Lemouchi, we were looking for a somewhat more extensive, dynamic and even epic song in its outcome. Concerning the concept, it speaks of the final transmutation of the sacred into something malicious.

9. Lume:

Fire walk with us… fire as an element of change, in the end but also in the beginning in opposition to Judeo-Christian teleological conception. Fire as knowledge and food of the tree of knowledge, as a denial of divine mercy. From a musical point of view: King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Camel ... and again S. Lemouchi.

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