Track By Tracks: THE FINAL CLAUSE OF TACITUS - Asinine Music For The Solemn And Staid (2021)

1. Somethings Gonna Break:

When you reach boiling point, and you can no longer take all the shit that is thrown at you. You have to decide to stand up and do something about it. One way or another, one side will eventually break, and you must make sure it’s not your side.

2. War Cry Feat. Georgi Valentine:

This track is about people trying to make you feel less so they that they can feel better about themselves. I can see straight through all the bullshit and now it’s time for you to hear my war cry! Written with Georgia Valentine from Mother Vulture.

3.Not Today Feat. Jahred Gomes:

This is a fight song. A song about the constant battles we come up against throughout our lives, whether they be real life wars or battles with your own self-conscious. This track was written with Jahred Gomes aka M.C.U.D from (Hed) P.E.

4.All Figured Out:

Just when you think you have it all figured out you realise you don’t know someone at all like you thought you did. Another fake person fools you again. This song is about being over and done with all the fakeness of the world.

5. I Can’t Talk To You:

I wrote this song about my father who passed away from cancer a couple years ago and how I’m still dealing with the loss and grief even after these years have passed. I miss being able to talk to him and that I don’t feel like the same person as I was before.”

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