Track By Tracks: Klamm - Misanthropocene (2021)

1. Memento:

In this intro, the first reminder to the hubris of the self-proclaimed and systematically enabled “ruling class” is spoken: remember that you die!

2. Sun Invocation:

This groovy and initially sarcastic piece is about the insanity of the revival of the nuclear arms race (the text was written during the heated exchanges between the USA and North Korea). Imperial powers keep playing with fire in the Middle East… another cold war along broad axes is building up. The doomsday clock has moved to "100 sec. to midnight" in 2020. Amor Fati - the Stoic mindset carries man even through postapocalyptic ruins, windswept by crackling radiation.

3. Notre Flamme:

This song with many tempo and style changes is recapitulating the hypocrisy of the widely announced sympathy of the many (and especially the rich) for the fires at the Paris cathedral and is giving a shout-out to the medially defamed yellow vest movement as a non-partisan collective, united against the dividing powers of the ruling aristocracy. Lyrically, it’s the most recent track of the album. All the other texts originated before 2019.

4. Europe:

A short interlude. Is the current Europe still about ethical values, compassion, a historical concord after the horrors of war of the 20th century and the exchange of culture or has it not rather become a cold and exclusive economic and political monstrosity, which serves GloboCap? Written during the refugee crisis of 2015, but still just as relevant in my eyes…

5. Anthropocene:

The longest and most demanding track – with crushing and soaring riffs and long acoustic passages. The big problems our generation faces (not just humanity, but all life on Earth) have reached a scale which deserves its own defining name. Man (actually only very few of us) has such an impact on all life (and all aspects of life), that people who view it from an environmental or ecological perspective sometimes use the phrase “Anthropocene” for this age. In my skeptical eyes, the ecological viewpoint (and also the way it is one-dimensionally framed towards green-washing the next exploitative power-grab by the elites) is far too narrow and misplaces the blame and the possible solutions. The re-definition of what constitutes the Misanthropocene (which is the conclusion of all the different aspects touched on throughout the album) is the imbalance of power and rights: Basically all relevant power (as perceived by most people reached by mass media) is wielded by the hands of very few sociopaths (in my view misanthropes) in a totalitarian way, enabled by a rigged, corrupt and unchecked global political and economic system. This has to be changed towards a free and voluntary society, which will probably automatically solve the problems depicted in this text. If not, humanity will meet its doom.

6. Smokescreen:

The large majority of the “Fourth Estate” blatantly misses the mark in their advocacy to keep the ruling powers in check. And in contrast, whistleblowers are severely criminalized, smeared and silenced. Again, Death is evoked as a liberating agent: Its definitive final slumber can be soothing for the forlorn and at the same time it always evokes fear in megalomaniacal tyrants who cannot conceive their mortality.

7. Tragictory:

A haunting vision of a dire dystopian future. The world that you want is not something that you meekly ask for. You have to build it and demand it, otherwise someone else will probably use you to shape it according to their design.

8. Death Worship:

Our humble and joyful subservience to the glory of the great equalizer - death. The peace of mind of this common destiny of all life is our source of power and courage to demand the ultimate freedom that is our birthright.

9. Dawn:

The ray of hope – you are not powerless, no matter how dark the prospect might seem. Decent people are many and those who exploit them are few. Find your voice and act.

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