Track By Tracks: Nothing Sacred - No Gods (2021)

1.Final Crime:

This is one of the two tracks that we decided to add to the album that we’d written during the late 80’s. We thought it was one of those tracks that were too good to waste considering we’d never really properly released it. The lyrics are about people who do nothing waiting for someone else to respond first, till it’s eventually too late for anyone to do anything. Who knew how relevant that would become 33 years after the track was written.


This was the first song I wrote with these guys, and I was instantly hooked on it. Sham and Karl sent me this song and stoner to have a play around with. Two absolute ripper tunes.

The lyrics are based around the concept of displacing blame of a situation or action onto others in order to have some kind of inner peace. It's from the perspective of people or entities taking ownership to allow the less fortunate to carry on with no consequences.

3.Cold Black:

A song around overcoming battles within one’s self. The realization and acceptance of who we are, and being cool with who that person actually is. Anything to the contrary is someone else's problem.

4.First world problems:

A song about conserving energy. 

For those situations where you are surrounded by the inconsequential and incessant nagging of normal life.

5.Killing you:

These lyrics were written during a pretty hectic time in my life and draws on the experience of trusting a little too much and being too busy to actually pay attention. Lessons learned people!

6.False Prophets:

These lyrics are around never believing anything until you have done your own research. The digital age we now live in has people, entities, religions, organizations, governments etc having a constant never-ending presence, especially on social media. No matter if it's digitally enhanced selfie snaps on Facebook, to things much more sinister. Remember, if it looks or sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.


Loosely based around a real life situation. Without going into too much detail, it turns out you actually can party too hard. Who would've thought.


Really cool track this one. I came up with the vocal melody for the verses, and some rough lyrics quite a while ago. Once we were recording it, Sham and I pieced it together on the fly, adding a chorus melody that sham already had been toying with.

The lyrics explore the desire of man to belong, somewhere.


This was the other track off the album we wrote around 1987. It’s a shame we never finished that second album, we had some killer tracks that never saw the light of day apart from live. We might bang a couple more on the next album too.


One of the first tracks given to me to play around with by Sham and Karl. There was so much room for vocals, but still, I toyed with the melodies for a long time, not being able to nail something. It was actually at one of the last rehearsals before recording the song that everything just fell into place.

A song about love hate relationships that ultimately end in the destruction of all parties.

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