Track By Tracks: OUIJA - SELENOPHILE IMPIA (2021)


To begin, we are going to talk about the first song that opens the EP "Selenophile Impia" , the first of all, talking about my writings is something complex because I do not focus the letter on a specific idea, I play a lot with the metaphor and it depends on who reads it, it can transmit some other thought, for now the imagination is still free... And this song is question talks about the sick passion that we can feel under the influence of the Moon, I have always been fascinated by her, she is a great source of inspiration for me, with this fragment of the lyrics I think you will understand it;

“Lunar eyes without pupils
unleash their fury in black holes
of infinite impulses of night madness
bloody kisses dripping with desire
that guide the path to perdition.”


This song the lyrics are more direct and aggressive, it is an offensive lyrics, with this adjective I already express everything about it ... I have always liked the offensive lyrics but without being ridiculous, I will not talk much more about this writing and let the blood flow ...

“With serpent tail
that sodomizes your chastity
with three beast heads
that tear apart your faith
we are waiting at the gate for your arrival
our laughter will become your tears
our libido rises as we savor your blood.”


"Therianthropic involution" is a fucking sickly lyrics, we all have a beast inside only you have to wake up and play with it. This writing may also be like a psychotropic for your brain. I wanted to capture with it the most animal DNA of our being ... because we all have that instinct and we must not repress it rather we have to enjoy as beasts, that we are.

“The beast was not dead
it was only sleeping
the full moon aroused it anger
her halo caressed her pale skin
freezing like mountains of broken glass.”

And finally to say on the cover that what we were looking for was something that would express the title of the EP and the truth that the artist Cesar Valladares gave with it to perfection ... we wanted something primal, bastard and controversial there you have it you just have to look at it by yourself...blood...lust...Moon...

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