Track By Tracks: Set Into Motion - Something Exciting (2021)

“In the Middle”- This song was actually the first ever good song we wrote, recorded and released as a band way back in 2018. When we started working on this EP, we went back to this song and knew we could do it even better, and plus the song has always been a favorite of ours over the years. Every single show we’ve played over the last 3 years, this song has always remained in our set, and it’s always been either the opening song, or the closing song. This song is THE Set Into Motion staple.

“Only a Sith Deals in Absolutes”- “Sith” was a very difficult song to record due to a lot of very intricate rhythms and its tempo. The double time drums in the chorus was a last minute decision when our drummer, Jake, insisted that it would make the song go that much harder. Probably the hardest part about the song is the range of the vocals as well as how little room there is to breath. Although the song was turning out great we still did not have a name for it. One day Jake was watching Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, and he texted in our group chat saying that we should name one of our songs “Only a Sith Deals in Absolutes.” So we slapped that name on the song.

“A Call Away”- Besides “In the Middle”, this was the first song written and intended for the EP. We wrote this song wanting it to sound like the quintessential Set Into Motion song, with hooky melodies spread throughout the song and a happy, upbeat feel. Recording this one was probably the most fun because new ideas just kept coming to us after every session, making it sound more and more dynamic. When we finished recording this song and listened to the final product, we knew we just stepped up our game by a whole lot.

“Excited”- Out of every song we’ve recorded or written as a band, this song, as well as “Self Destructive”, are definitely the most different sounding. “Excited” is by far the heaviest song we’ve put out, being in a much lower tuning than any of our other songs. It was really fun to go a little bit out of our comfort zone recording a much heavier song than our usual stuff, and it honestly turned out to be one of our standout tracks.

“Sick of Me”- This song was written alongside “A Call Away” as one of the first songs written for the EP. We’ve never really written an “angry” song before this, so we figured we’d give it a try. This was also the first song where we attempted a “shred” solo, and it turned out awesome. This is one we can’t wait to play live.

“My Back Hurts” - Our drummer, Jake, within the span of about a week sent us 8 or so demos of full songs he wrote and recorded, with this song and “Excited” being two of them. This one in particular just blew us away and we knew it had to go on the EP. Recording this one was fun because it’s the first time we ever actually messed around with back and forth vocals between Hunter and Jesse. The “woah oh oh”s at the end of the song were a complete last minute decision before we shipped the EP off to go get mastered. This is a song we just cannot wait to play in sweaty basement shows and get mosh pits going.

“Self Destructive” - This was technically speaking the second song written for the EP, dating way back to the beginning of 2019, the first being “In the Middle” in 2018. It was written in Hunter and Jesse’s songwriting class by Jesse during their senior year. It’s probably the most personal we’ve ever gotten on a song, but it’s all stuff Jesse felt like he needed to get off his chest. Most of the production you hear on the final version of the song was actually from the demo session that we recorded in Jesse’s dorm room a year prior to recording it at the studio. Something about that just makes it feel that much more personal.

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