Track By Tracks: Standard Human Experience - Never Belong (2021)

1. Population control:

I wanted to match the ever present aggression of the track with its lyrics. They are about being an employee of the month in a worst case scenario of our future. He is worked to the bone day and night. Starving under a toxic purple sky, raining down flakes of sulfur. A world that has seen an apocalypse in the name of profit that that has become an utter abstraction.

2. Hero oversold:

Like the bands name this song also has humorous roots. It's an homage to the album: Romance in the Castle of Voorhees by Back To The Future The Ride. The absolutely massive album titles became something we would memorize and quote constantly. Hero oversold is also an anagram. Can you guess the real title that begins with L?

3. Never belong:

This song is about the restless nature of humanity stirring onward its progression. From jungles, into the caves and finally to outer space. I know it's a tad bit naive to regard human history as just this ever constantly evolving technological tale, but this is a feel good song and this album definitely needs one!

4. Take this longing:

This is a tale of a disciple of hate. Of any hate that is hereditary and needs to be taught to exist. The commanding lyrics paint a bleak worldview for the disciple who becomes alienated from reality. Trapped in this illusion, fighting seems like an only option.

5. Traces Of You:

Before I joined the band, Sami had written vocals and lyrics for this song. They were about coping with the loss of a relationship. I rewrote most of it to better accommodate my style but felt inclined to keep the heartbreak. The end result is this story of a couple reincarnating and reliving the same tragedy over and over again.

6. Container:

Container used to also be the working title for this track. For me something about calling it something else felt somewhat wrong. The lyrics came together around that theme eventually: it's a dialog between a homunculus and its maker. As the creation is contained within the glass walls of its terrarium it deems the creator to be contained by their thinking. Both seek the freedom of the other.
We're also working on the music video of Never Belong. It should be ready by July! ☺

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