Track By Tracks: Svarta Sanningar - Kapitel 2 (2021)

To understand the context behind our lyrics you need to read the backstory -

1.Kemisk Reinkarnation / The Chemical Reincarnation:

Story: This song is about one of the treatments that took place at Fyrens Hospital, which is mentioned in our backstory. It somehow created a perceived feeling of the remission of sins, which became a flagship among via occult auctions on the black market.

Arwork: Symbolizes renewal and death. Inspired by a star's orbit around a black hole before it is annihilated.

2. Preparatet / Preparation:

Story: The song Preparatet is about “Element 667”, a preparation (injection) which was developed by a team of occultists and scientists at Fyrens Hospital, with the ambition to save lives. The drug initially had few complications and some of the patients could miraculously return to normal life. Then came the setback and the reports of serious side effects such as aggression, lack of empathy and sensitivity to light.

Artwork: Three triangles, inspired by the pagan Valknut and the Celtic triquetra. Stands for overcoming fear and reaching eternity.

3. Ett Ockult Hospital / The occult hospital:

Story: This is a central part of the backstory. The private clinic Fyrens Hospital, which was modestly inaugurated in 1974. Outwardly, the business was declared a closed private institution for patients with complicated diagnoses, but below the surface a platform for advanced studies and experiments via the so-called “Black Ward”.

Artwork: A stylization of a high-rise hospital building and/or a crystal shaped rock - the Dracunite.

4. Den Sista sprutan / The Last Syringe:

Story: This is the finest product which was developed at the occult hospital – “The Last Syringe”. During treatment it also needed to be supervised by a group of powerful men of spiritual ancestry. The patients also proved to be receptive to clairvoyance and the unique ability to “bend time” via anti-gravity.

Artwork: Symbolizes a portal to another dimension and/or another state of mind.

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