Behind The Tracks: Hand Drawn Maps - Catch A Wave (Single) (2021)

Stewart Crichton says, "Like a lot of our songs, we try to balance these feelings of positive and negative since after all, a lot of our inspiration comes from our past battles with drugs and experiences with altered states. We aren't exactly great at just writing happy songs with happy lyrics because life is not always like that. Even though Catch A Wave has a certain bounce to it, we tend to draw inspiration from some of the more painful moments of life and the struggle to get by, and that's why we sometimes write these songs that have this mismatch between the overall feeling of the music and the lyrics."

Of the video, Blake Baldwin says, "After we recorded the EP with Steve over at Total Access, it was a no-brainer for us to shoot a live video in that space because that is where all the creative energy was for this batch of songs. There are so many amazing instruments in that place, a lot of which we used while recording the EP, and it's just such a vibe. We feel so comfortable there and we really wanted a great spot to showcase these songs and what the band is about."

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