Track By Tracks: DI AUGER - Under The Skin Of The World (2021)

The funny thing is, I never intended to write a concept album. In fact,although a fan of the idea, it wasn’t mine initially. Sean Beesley, after hearing a handful of tracks I presented to him for mastering, put the idea together and shot me a pitch on the possibilities, given where the song writing was leading,it was a no brainer. Subconsciously it was already happening,all I had to do was continue writing in the same vein and be aware thatthe subjects and intentions were now geared to a cohesive idea, and thatthere would be an underlying unspoken direction that would lead thelistener to their own personalized conclusion about what themeaning of all of it is.easy right? That process began one year ago, half the album had been writtenand half had yet to be, some tracks had to be torn apart and completely reconstructed while others seemed to magically fit into place.It took time, perseverance and dedication but the result is what you are,or have been listening to. I think it was worth it.In the end does any of this matter? We live in a world unlike anything before it. Every corner I turn opens an opportunity for confrontation oracceptance. As life continues to unfold, you can be certain of nothing,and then it hit me, this is the music for a dead generation.We are all suffocating.

1. Everything is Wrong:

This short pre-amble sets up the mood and 1 st track of the album. It was meant to bring you into the world as a character viewing it. The title says it all.

2. Skull Orchard (The Devil’s Seed):

First full length track of the album was designed to both introduce the character, (the listener) both to this upside down world and how it’s being perceived. The “wrong” elements induced by the “devil” perhaps, as the seeds have been planted and we now reap the fruit of this Devil’s Orchard – or is it perhaps all in our mind? Within our Skulls, where these elements are wrought and brought to our awareness? Either way, the songs sets up as an introduction to suffering, and opens the doorway to the album.

3. Another Frontier:

A bridge designed to inform and give pause to the sheer amount of unknown technological elements revolving around us. Culminating in what some may call the BRAVE NEW WORLD.

4. Brave New World:

Opens up and continues with a grocery list of geo-political elements that HAVE occurred during my brief time on earth. Things that have, and are happening all around us. These things come with the background promise of yielding a NEW DAWN and NEW WORLD ORDER. The meat is the sarcasm within the track. Will it really be something different, or will it follow views that we, as the human race, will ever perpetuate in the cycle of repeating ourselves, mistake after mistake, until we will obliterate ourselves or this planet.

5. Over and Over and Over Again:

Never before has the media been so obviously controlled by the powers that be – worldwide. Never before have the people become as aware of the force fed dialog being shoved down our throats, day in and day out, as it has been now. Brainwashing, influencing and bending us to “their” will regardless of the toll. They’ve told us OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

6. Symphony of Sorrow:

The Media continues its course to deliver us their message. The song takes a position that the listener has been attentive, and in light of knowledge accumulated is beginning to see the patterns, the deceptions and orchestrations of how the media works. The media cries out to our emotions, playing on our sympathy, our virtue and signalling and conditioning our reactions. But what if we’ve heard enough and decide to turn it off. To take it all and shut it down?

7. Did you Hear me World?

They’ve imprisoned us, placed fear so deep inside of us that we may never be the same. They’ve made rules that have gone so far beyond reason, logic or so-called “science” it’s hard to swallow – then they told us not to dance!

8. In the Twilight of Nothing:

This is really the turning point of the album. It is here that the purveyor of all before it has finally become angry. Everything is wrong. The media is bombarding us, telling us to be afraid. People shun each other and report each other in the streets. All in the twilight of nothing. What will come of this? This song is really about freedom, the freedom to make your own decisions, free from the pressures of society. “Cast off your fears and come dance with me” in the face of the media’s fear mongering, decide as an individual where you stand. Draw that line and don’t be afraid.

9. I’m Suffocating:

The pre-amble to the complete disconnect. Too many pressures colliding lead to the drowning or suffocating of the conscious self.

10. Drowning in Darkness:

The reality of it all comes crumbling down on the listener/viewer of this collective madness. It feels surreal, angry and intense. Where will it all lead?

11. Is Anybody Out There?

It’s a brief moment of respite - does anybody else feel this way? Is anybody else listening?

12. Breathe:

This is about escape. Where can a person go to find that space to live their life as their own? Pressures continue to collide with the listener and technology is ever present. We are on the run to find that sanctuary, metaphorically speaking – where we can we go to find a place to breathe?

13. I Believe:

I’ve often found it surprising how the media downplays conspiracy theories and their followers when many of these theories continue to be proven, over time, to be accurate. The listener may be swaying to this reality, getting angry, losing their sense of balance and believing what comes next.

14. Conspiracies, Hatred & Lies:

The listeners’ confidence is thoroughly shattered. They taught us how to hate, they taught us what’s right or wrong, they taught us everything. Now they are contradicting it all. The conspirators have focused our hate, created confusion and chaos and led us to believe this was a stable society. Everything has changed.

15. In That Magic Hour:

It’s the golden time, at the cusp of dawn or the moments before sunset - either way a new time will emerge.

16. Silent Arbiter:

Silent judgements are being made upon us. Unknown people in unknown palaces are deciding YOUR fate now. Take time to dwell on this. This is the protagonist’s introspective moment, the transition from what’s going on, getting angry, attempting their escape to a calm realization and perhaps revelation?

17. Loyalty to the Party:

Under the thumb of this tyranny we’ve been beaten to submission. Loyalty has its price.

18. Balls to the Wall:

The first cover track I’ve ever attempted, with great assistance from Sean Beesley of LEP. This legendary song concerning the rise of the people into a revolutionary force fit perfectly into the narrative.

19. All We can do is Fight:

The fires are fueled and burning, the front lines are formed, and all wait with baited breath for that first move, that catalyst that will set it all aflame.

20. Piss & Vinegar:

This is anger, madness and pure revolution. There is nothing more. The people have woken up to their surroundings and have been pushed too far.

21. Before the Horror:

After the rising of the people there is again calm. Like that before the storm.

22. Filfth Grenade:

What does any military establishment do when a large insurrection in a contained area escalates beyond their capacity to control it? They drop a bomb and resolve the problem.

23. Nothing Here is Real:

Piece by piece the goodness of the world has ebbed away, is any of this real? Is any of this actually happening? Who can say where we are going, if the good “wins” over the “Bad”. What will come of this new world those in power want to so desperately force upon us.

24. The Light Is Lost:

I believe it has. I’m sending this message to my children and the others that may live on past our futile attempts to thwart dishonesty, integrity and maliciousness. To those that survive don’t do what I do. Don’t fight how I fought – find something different because from the looks of things what “we” did or are doing, isn’t working. It’s a song that is melancholy in it’s message, there is hope but don’t walk in my footsteps.

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