Behind The Artworks: Endure The Affliction - Evolve (2021)

So for the art, we wanted it to be something unique and out there, but also deep and meaningful to stay true to our values and what we stand for. First off is the background. The burnt out husk of a city stands as a representation of the destruction and turmoil of recent events. Next we have our logo, the celtic trinity knot, as the head of the staff. This symbol has many meanings throughout its history but the two that we adhere to are: inner strength & unity. The staff is a symbol of wisdom. The monk himself is a direct representation of discipline, while various parts of his body symbolizes evolution in different areas. The robotic hands symbolize an evolution of technology, the third eye on his forehead symbolizes an evolution of spirit/soul, and the double-helix left arm symbolizes biological evolution. And as for the arrows and olive branches, we took that from our United States Seal, clutched in the claws of the eagle; on which it stands for a desire for peace, yet a readiness to fight. All in all, these every aspect of this art stands for something that can be used as a tool to move forward. No matter what your situation is, you can tough through it; life goes on under any and all circumstance. And we as humans are stuck searching for the tools that we need in order to keep up with it. And when we find those tools that help us move forward, we Evolve.

Artwork by Ganda Wiraga II, Inksonium Artwork

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