Track By Tracks: Bloodshot - Mono Pneuma (2021)

1. The Simulation:

This song was definitively the fastest song we have ever written. The full instrumental was completed in an afternoon, with a few passes of vocal writing that followed. We used a tracking engineer for the drums and bass, however all other aspects were recorded by us. We were fortunate enough to have the creative insight and genius of Colin Jeffs from Ten Of Swords Media Collective, who filmed the music video. Mixed and Mastered by Chris Blancato, we are very proud to have released ‘The Simulation’ as our debut release.

2. Haywire:

Haywire was ultimately the song that kick-started this band. Written in a similar setting to the Simulation, heavily driven by inspiration from new music in the Australian scene that riled us up and got our blood boiling. The erratic and manic lyrics reflect feelings of paranoia and some other darker thoughts and feelings we have experienced at some point. We felt it fitting to put them over such a harsh and short outburst of emotions that is the instrumental.

3. Distention:

A darker, heavier onslaught of pumping riffs and emotions written after Haywire would soon become Distention. We had a lot of fun recording the vocals, as heard in the chorus there are group shouting lines that had us rolling on the floor in stitches in the studio. This was originally meant to be the second half of Haywire, however we felt it had more than enough merit to be its own song.

4. Vendetta:

One of the first songs written for this EP, Vendetta is one of the richest songs with heaps of textured layers of FX, Synths, Guitars and Vocals. Some would say our creativity spiked when it came to adding additional sounds, recording ourselves hitting tables, glass, carpet and even some shōji room dividers. Vendetta was one of the most vocally challenging songs to write. However, we felt zen when they were perfected no matter how challenging they were.

5. Defy Dismay:

The instrumentals were written and perfected fairly quickly, practically done in a day or two. An idea came up to have some fast, pumping beat within the song, almost like an EDM track, which we put our own spin on. This song is the most diverse in terms of musical ideas, as well as genre-breaking. Despite the brutal grooves and pumping riffs, the meaning behind the lyrics are the most positive and optimistic within the EP, with a theme of overcoming hardships.

6. Anima:

This song has been revisited, rewritten and changed more than any other song on the EP, being perfected over a period of months. The constantly developing nature of the song, as well as the sheer amount of energy and attitude it exudes is what led to us deciding it would be the final track on the EP. One last hard-hitting, heavy, and intensely emotional song to leave a lasting impression on our listeners. We wear out emotions on our sleeves with this track .

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