Track By Tracks: IKITAN - Darvaza y Brinicle (2021)

“Darvaza y Brinicle” is a 2-single limited-edition tape released by IKITAN via Taxi Driver Records on 3 December 2021. The tape features the singles, “Darvaza” and “Brinicle”, on side A, whereas side B contains the previously-released “Twenty-Twenty Live at Forte Geremia”.

The songs are also available on the label and on the band’s digital stores.

With a lot of new riffs under the belt since the release of “Twenty-Twenty”, and having had the opportunity to share “Live at Forte Geremia” with the world, it was the right time to publish some new music. We’ve been rehearsing a lot as a consequence of the prolonged state of emergency in Italy, and “Darvaza” and “Brinicle” are the first products of this increased musical productivity in IKITAN’s headquarters.

In the recording process of “Darvaza” and “Brinicle”, we wanted to go deeper into our musical nature, so the two songs present two very different landscapes.

“Darvaza” is pure energy and massive power, coming from the deepest and darkest shadows. It features strong, distorted and odd sounds, giving a kind of unsettling feeling sometimes. “Brinicle” has been inspired by the fragility and grace of the Brinicle itself, something that can be lethal and brittle at the same time.

In both songs you can still find IKITAN’s identity, which is based on solid drums and bass textures, and guitar parts designed to bring the listener inside our sonic experience.

Our main influences, mainly post-rock, stoner, progressive and heavy music, are fully displayed in the two tracks. They’re not as long as “Twenty-Twenty”, of course, but we enjoyed making them varied and somehow complex and intriguing.

This time around we could record and master the songs at our pace in our studio, taking care of the pre-production stages as well as of the final master. We’re very pleased with the final result: the songs have a great, organic and somehow analogic sound that truly represents the current musical offering of the band.

The artwork has been curated by Luca Marcenaro, the same artist who did the cover of “Twenty-Twenty”. Sometimes you find yourself really comfortable with someone, and Luca by now truly knows what we’re after when it comes to our visuals.

As for the collaboration with Taxi Driver Records, we were approached by Massimo Perasso who has been focusing a lot on producing tapes for bands lately, and the magic happened. We’re from the same city, Genoa, and we’ve always been fans of his label, so the partnership was really easy and straightforward. We’re proud to be in such great company.

And lastly… why Darvaza and Brinicle? What are they?

Unusual natural phenomena and weird facts have always been fascinating for us; the name of the band itself represents the alleged Aztec god of the sound of the stones, as depicted in the cover of “Twenty-Twenty”.

The Darvaza (or “Door to Hell”, an artificially-created crater that’s been burning since the 70es) is in Turkmenistan whilst the Brinicle (a finger-of-death ice stalactite that kills everything it encounters in the water) occurs in the Antarctic Ocean.

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