Track By Tracks: XANVALA - Seisen (2021)


70.: It wasn’t supposed to be included but, when “Seisen” was completed, I suddenly got the inspiration and I made it in around 30 minutes. I think it’s a piece that sums up and delivers the worldview of XANVALA.

2. Seisen:

70.: It’s a song that strongly conveys that surviving in the present time is our fight. I think the current circumstances in the world led us to create such an impactful song. I feel like playing this song at concerts for the next 2 or 3 years.


Tomoya: I made it with the idea of going on a rampage during a concert. Although it’s quite simple, it’s a track with high destructive energy. I would like to carry out a rampage all over the world someday.

4. Kuchinashi:

Souma: I composed this song with the vision of sinking to the bottom of the night sea. The modulation was placed in the middle of the guitar solo in the interlude, which created a fairly refined development.

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