Track By Tracks: FRAU FLEISCHER - When The Sun’s Down (2021)


Sacrifice, the opening track of the album and first single ever for Frau Fleischer, is a meditation on sadomasochism, religion and guilt. The tales and adventures of the Butcher, the main actress of the album, are told in this collection and here she is presented as a young and naive creature that lives in a world of traitors and darkness.

This is actually the first track we did work on all together and we could feel there was something brewing with all of our influences at the crossroad of electro, pop, punk, metal, goth. You can feel the anger in this song written during the lockdown.


Holy crown is the follow up to Sacrifice. It isn’t always easy to recognize heaven from hell, and this song is about the moment the butcher becomes aware of the dangers of the world and she feels the pain of the wounds that has been left in her soul by years and years of oppression and censorship.


This track is a big fuck you to all the people that hurt the Butcher. Here she is strong enough to rebel and she make jokes of her body, her mind and her sexuality, being the Butcher totally undefined in gender and sexual preferences.

One of the first tracks we wrote, very EBM meets metal. A good solid track that makes you want to dance but think.


Baby, I’m Free! Is the second single extracted from the album and this song talks about the journey you have to follow to finally free yourself from the voices screaming in your head. It is a Manifesto of freedom that screams: Be yourself unapologetically, and don’t take yourself too seriously, it isn’t funny!

This song was influenced by the Icelandic duo Fire Saga that we all love and respect in the band. It shows a different side of the band, poppier while maintaining the heaviness and fatness we enjoy.


The second part of the album starts with inferno, a track that meditates on psychic confusion and addiction. It shows the fall of the Butcher and the monsters living in it.

And it does it with a quick beat, a blend of EBM and some guitars inspired by bands like Killing Joke or Sisters of Mercy.


The starting point of the writing of this song is a meditation around the question « how bands like Hocico or Suicide Commande would sound with heavy guitars ». You can feel all the tension rising before the fistfight (bagarre in French) begins and then, all of a sudden, when it finally starts, you feel relieved!


Public and private, the two faces of everybody. This piece is a reflexion on the so said « bad » and « good » part of us, a critic to a moralistic vision of values and sins. The Butcher is here a strip dancer, secret agent of toilet clubs, searching liars and priests in gay bars and nightclubs to tell their wives the truth.

On the music side, this one is pretty heavy, showing the « no mercy attitude » of the butcher.


This song talks about the moment the Butcher saw herself again for the first time after she freed herself from all the old knowledge and started to paint herself in her own way, falling in the middle of her world.

It’s a track we had a lot of fun doing. It started as a regular electro-industrial track but we added some dissonant guitars, timpani & percussions. It gives you a powerful track with a lot of attitudes.


The Butcher is now free from all the judgments and all the chains, she embraces herself and knows where she comes from, she finally becomes the Bad Girl she has always been. She is ready to love, but she knows the rules, and jokes about them because in the end, she’s okay being the bad bitch that she is!

This song is the more metal track of the album. Greg played bass & real drums on this one and it brings a little different flavor one more time. Franz is the keeper of the electro side and all in all we tried to be as free as we could as we learnt to know each other, trying to push boundaries a bit further with every new song we wrote for this record.

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