Behind The Artworks: HELLDOWN - Embers (2022)

Pitching Slayer and Pantera against Judas Priest and Thin Lizzy, HELLDOWN ( ) are here to shatter your world with their stunning blend of original thrash groove metal. The burly riff maestros release their vicious new single, Embers, on Friday 28th January. With that in mind, we asked the UK metallers about the art design for ‘Embers’.

Who designed the artwork?

The art was designed ‘Make North Media’. We are very happy with it.

What does the cover artwork represent?

The artwork for "Embers" represents the vulturous tendencies of those in power, how they perch in comfort while all around them is barren and harsh. The lava represents the simmering anger of the lower classes, where at any moment it could erupt and claim everything.

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