Behind The Tracks: Atlas For Home - Keep Going (Single) (2022)

“Keep Going” is a sharp and deep track, in the line of Alkaline Trio's "We've Had Enough" but mixed with the band's pop-punk/emo recipe. A true hymn to life, it features a cavernous guitar riff, a more punk dynamic and a unifying chorus: a more intimate version of the Atlas for Home sound, in the continuity of the first attempts of the previous EP.

« After being silent for several months, we couldn't have hoped for a better comeback: "Keep Going" is a mature track that expresses our love for life and the search for happiness. Beauty exists everywhere, even in the worst moments. We create it through our actions and thoughts: it's up to us to live it with distance and lightness. » - Atlas for Home

This is the first single of the "new Atlas for Home", now made up of Marion Gualandi & Valentin Guérin. It is also the first track resulting from the collaboration with Dory-Loup Venta (mirabelle.) on the production part and Cory Bergeron (Locket) on the mixing/mastering.

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