Behind The Tracks: Nomadic Narwhal - Arrival (Single) (2022)

Nomadic Narwhal is completely themed and inspired by all things Ocean. While we all know the growing problems and even some of the efforts to combat them; some have lost touch with just how incredible, mysterious, and wondrous our world's Oceans still are. Nomadic's role is to remind the public of just that. Arrival is meant to be taken two ways. The first, is the launch of a passion project with the message of, "Nomadic is here, and here to stay." Second, and most important, is to be interpreted as Your Arrival to the Ocean. Most of us do not have quick access to the water and too many people have never even seen one! Arrival is meant to encapsulate the feeling of seeing the Ocean for the first time. A take on that primal sensation of witnessing a force that is much bigger than us all.

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