Behind The Tracks: Ten Eighty Trees - Pathfinder (Single) (2022)

Pathfinder explores feeling lost and directionless in your formative years but having an unwavering belief everything will work out alright in the end. These contrasting feelings play out through intense motivative drive in the chorus’ and frenetic bursts of cynicism elsewhere in the track, all fighting for the listeners attention and playing with their emotions.

Speaking about the track, vocalist Nathan Newton said “This is the most intense piece of music we’ve written to date, barely pausing for breath as it has a wealth of riffs and vocal hooks.”

“I wanted the main guitar riff to sound like a fusion of Johnny Marr and Biffy Clyro’s Simon Neil, being chiming and melodic in the style of the former, yet visceral and biting like that of the latter coming together to create a leviathan of a sound. All underpinning a classic Ten Eighty Earn Worm of a chorus, crackling with energy and emotion.”

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