Track By Tracks: THE ALIVE - Turned Up To Destroy (2022)

1. Where Are My Animals:

An in-your-face call to arms anthem. It’s time to crawl out from the shadows and let the world see you for what you are. Just a bunch of rock n roll animals.

2. All The Way to Babylon:

Everyone feels like they have that other side of themselves. That inner voice that slowly takes you for a ride and to the other side.

3. Hard Enough:

Shows you that when the world is throwing you down and you hit the bottom that it’s not week to let someone be there and help you back up.

4. Lemon Crush:

It’s all about the women that make the world go round and round.

5. All My Friends Are Vampires:

Let’s just party through the night till the sun come up.

6. Come Get Some:

We are here and not going anywhere. If you are not ready for this explosion that we call rock ‘n’ roll then you are not ready to get some.

7. High On You:

Addiction comes in many shapes and forms and sometime high heels too.

8. The Real Thing (Love’s A Bitch):

Love can be hard; love can be war and true love can be a stick of dynamite waiting to explode.

9. Haunting Me:

When you have a past that hangs heavy on your soul like a ghost that won’t let you forget.

10. This Is Rock and Roll:

…is exactly what you are getting. We don’t pretend and we don’t make any apologies. This is what we do and who we are!

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