Track By Tracks: Angel Rising - Immortal Volition (2022)

1. Thy Kingdom Fall:

This is the new version of the single “Broken Beyond Despair” released last year. The song is shorter and features brutal vocals mixed with Gabriel Fauré’s requiem. This is the beginning of the Neon King’s story, before he and his army take back the earth.

2. Upon The Vale:

This is the first single extracted from the album with a lyrics video showcasing Paolo Girardi’s masterpiece animated by Andrea Mantelli. Musically this song holds a special place being the only one featuring female vocals and an otherworldly outro by Hermyth, one of the additional vocalists.

3. The Neon Ones:

Originally, it was supposed to be the intro of the fourth track but it was detached from the main song and now stands alone as a short fierceful instrumental introducing the Neon Ones, a mysterious species invading the earth.

4. Immortal Volition:

This is the most complex and progressive song of the album, with lots of rhythmic variations and harmonic subtleties taking the listener through a memorable journey full of musical twists. M Fox, the second additional singer, shows all his talent in the shattering refrains.

5. Persistence:

The opening of chapter two of the album, now telling the story of Asai, son of the Neon King, who comes back from the dead to contemplate a world devastated by his father. This is a profoundly dark piece borrowing from black metal which will also take the audience to unexpected places.

6. Devil Particle:

This track will not leave anyone indifferent with an almost funky slapped bass acting as a leitmotiv, surrounded by disturbing dissonances and discordant guitar tapping. The immense confusion of the hero becomes palpable as the song traps the audience in an hypnotic loop.

7. Pull the Trigger:

This song was a bonus track on Angel Rising’s CD version of the first album. It now fully belongs to an LP in a remastered version still featuring the drummer Kevin Talley from Dying Fetus, Suffocation who enhances the track thanks to his inventive and efficient drum beats. The hero remembers his past life in a world driven to madness and his irresistible inner call to suicide.

8. Now Aeterna:

This final track can be listened as a conclusion from the album but it can also be perceived as an introduction. It is an atmospheric piece in which we find different melodic elements coming from other songs from the album. Nox Aeterna represents both clean relief at the end of time and the peaceful neant before a new beginning.

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