Track By Tracks: Bipolar Disorder - Threshold Of Madness (2022)

1. Unleashing the fury:

This song is about a kid, who awakened by the roar of bombs at night, can’t realize what’s happening to him and why (“I am only a child, I’ve been good today”....). The somber atmosphere of the “feelings” takes a cue from my mother’s tales (R.I.P.) who unfortunately experienced the allied bombing of Milan during WW2.

2. Threshold of madness:

The story behind the threshold of madness tells us of a mental illness, which mocks the victim (“Twisting your reality, I’ll bring you close to your fatality”.....), through a vicious, evil, tiny voice whispering in his mind and saying that you should never be born.

3. The walking dead:

The walking dead is a tribute to Romero’s brilliant imagination, as a fan of the genre, I had to pay homage (“when there’s no room in hell”...) both the American filmmaker and the homonymous TV show (“starving and bleeding take care of your son...)

4. Waiting for the night:

Our society is forcing us to conform with it and align with its will, by crushing our genuine desire for uniqueness (“it tries to drag you there”...). Facing judgment and being outcast is the price we pay when we don’t comply with the stupid rules of civilization. This song is an anthem to freedom and unconventionality (I look for my freedom in a pale moonlight”....).

5. A new beginning:

A new beginning is about reaching a new awareness of the world and the people around you, how they think (“people are worried for the color of the swords”...) and how they justify their need to wage wars (“hiding behind the holiness of their creed”....).

6. The last winter:

What happens when you are at the end of your path in this life? This song tells us of a man who is about to meet The Grim Reaper (“now I’m here standing in front of her highness”....), his final thoughts (“I do not have any regret”....) and a peaceful end (“now I am really in peace”).

7. When it rains (instrumental):

It talks about my feelings when I stare out the window and watch the rain falling down.

8. We are not dead yet:

Bad politicians, corruption and bribery are the main topics behind this song (“selling their ass for the green god”.....) let’s remind them that we are proudly here to stand and fight for social justice (“stronger than death we’ll go ahead”...).

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