Track By Tracks: FUMIGATION - Structural Extermination (2022)

1. Vanier shack (unit inspection):

A fast, short, techy song to start the album off and make sure the listener knows we mean business. Lyrically about your avarage welfare bum in Ottawa's best hood, Vanier.

2. Fly that you fear:

Heavy and brutal track, kinda slammy, a true banger. Title is a play off Marilyn Manson's "Man That You Fear".

3. Centipede stampede:

Heavy and groovy all the way. This is what Fumigation is about. Lyrically about a centipede invasion in some losers apartment... was written in the vien of a hiphop song, but obviously we didn't rap it.

4. Close to a burrow below:

A lot of different style riffs in this one, from old school to melodic to rock to brutal with a Zack Wylde inspired solo. Title is a play off one of our favourite bands, Immolation's "Close to a World Below".

5. Pinworms & anal burns:

A nice mid paced banger with some techy parts and a jazzy interlude. Cringe lyrics.

6. Botfly incision:

A headbangers delight with some keys off the top. Google 'botfly' and it'll make sense.

7. The barren hive

Slow and heavy! groove, doom, old school yet modern at the same time. Keys for extra dark ambience. The song actually starts with a sample from "Evacuate the Hive" from our first album "Integrated Pest Management". Lyrically about destroying a wasp nest from the perspective of the hive.

8. Mosquitos in my taquitos:

Classic dark groovy riffs, lots of headbanging, drawn out interlude with background dark ambient keys. Lyrically about another loser in his apartment, maybe even the same guy from earlier that had a centipede invasion, but this time has a mosquito invasion in his food.

9. Like moths to a flame:

Old school metal intro, into a fairly melodic song the rest of the way with the odd twist and turn. Lyrical filler...they can't all be Nobel worthy...

10. Servant of the queen:

Musically this song has everything that is Fumigation. Tempo shifts, old and modern riffs, techy, melodic, groovy, doomy, lots of headbanging, and some keys thrown in the background at the end to end the album off just right. Lyrically about serving in an ant colony.

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