Track By Tracks: Kill All The Gentlemen - Black Canvas (2022)

1. Change Is The Only Constant:

This was an idea for an intro track for the album written by Ben. A calm before the storm, although you kind of know what’s coming... The title is describing how the song has the same riff all the way through underneath multiple changing layers.

2. Claw Marks:

This is the storm. A balls to the wall, head first against the grain track. It was the obvious opener. After a significant lineup change and the pandemic hitting it certainly ground us to a halt as it did with everyone. This song is about getting back out there and taking on the world again. “Remember the dog inside of you”. It’s about being relentless and letting nothing stand in your way.

3. Eyes For Medusa:

Everyone has heard of a tainted love story. I wanted to come up with a fantasised version to be in keeping with the music and what better than the myth of the cursed goddess Medusa. The twist in this story is hero and villain falling in love and breaking the curse. Though Medusa is still “giving head” the warrior had “eyes for Medusa” but also in a way that once he beheaded her he can use her to turn others to stone. We had a female singer come in by the name of Grace Gillan to sing over the chorus and play the part of Medusa and telling her side to the story. Medusa’s head ended up being on the album cover.

4. Snakes:

This was always a working title for the song during the writing process of the album purely because there is a riff in it that reminded one of us of a Napalm Death song called “Copulating Snakes”. Lyrically I used it as a metaphor to talk about all the toxic backstabbing human snakes we come across in life.

5. The Ground Beneath The Weeds:

This song lyrically is drawing towards the album title theme a bit more. The once great and beautiful ground beneath our feet is now becoming overgrown with weeds. The grass is always greener on the other unspoiled side.

6. Giving Gets You Nothing:

This is a “no more mr nice guy” demonstration. Tired of always doing good for others and getting nothing back. It’s also about how people love to put themselves on a pedestal for being hard done by and always searching for praise. As the lyrics suggest “the martyr boasts a scar, but praise won’t get you far”.

7. Doomsayer:

The title was to describe the sound and atmosphere of the song. A mid-paced doom, apocalyptic feel to the song. The rape and ruin of mother earth orchestrated by its inhabitants...

8. It’s A Sin:

A year or so ago we decided to put a vote and poll on our social media pages to what song we should do a cover version. There were many suggestions that were narrowed down eventually to a top 3 and the Pet Shop Boys came out on top. We’re not sure if it was supposed to be a joke or a genuine challenge but the latter it certainly was.

9. Death Black:

This is our description of the angel of death and the title track to the album. The destruction of the world once pure and white, now tainted and spoiled by the recklessness of man. The end is nigh but Kill All The Gentlemen are on high!

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