Track By Tracks: L0rd Kha0s - MLC: XL (2021)

1. No More:

One of the first songs I ever wrote in my first band. Song is about getting fed up with people and no longer willing to take it.

2. Depressive Episode:

Song deals with the pressures those with mental illness go through every day.

3. This is Metal:

Song is about what we love about heavy metal music.

4. Daydreaming (Orion):

A love song about a girl regretting how her previous relationship ended.

5. Like You:

A song about how most metalheads are looked at poorly by religious folks even though we may be good people. We never wanted to be like them, so quit comparing us.

6. Paradise of Pain:

The story here is about false arrest and the release in a life that results in loss of social acceptance and desperation. The protagonist got falsely imprisoned while the real murderer of his wife got away with his crime - in this case the story doesn't end well in all ways.

7. Beyond the Veil:

A song about someone lurking in the shadows, stalking, awaiting their next kill. Features a solo by Karl Sanders of Nile.

8. More Knife Incisions:

A song about a killer and their fantasies. Each kill brings a little bit of peace until the euphoria wears off and they are ready for more violence. Features a solo by Karl Sanders of Nile.

9. No Where.... Now Where?!:

Features Kyle Symons of Malevolent Creation / Hateplow / Kill Division on vocals. Directly from Kyle "With Preston being a fan of Malevolent Creation and Hate Plow, I wanted to write a song that was a nod to those bands and complete something that was in the planning stages for many years. The legend Bret Hoffmann and I worked on a "Stalker" series of songs. It started with Stalker which I wrote for Hate Plow's first record, Everybody Dies. Then Bret wrote Scorn for The Fine Art of Murder. Then with Malevolent Creation's Envenomed we, as he liked to call it did our "death metal duet" on his song Pursuit Revised. We discussed doing the fourth chapter over many years but we never got together to work on it and unfortunately, Bret passed away from cancer in 2018. Now, with Nowhere...Now Where!?, I wanted a tribute to Bret and an ending to our "story".

10. Freedom:

Song is about a person who starts life with much hope. Slowly as life (and the song) progresses, they become more disenchanted with life. In the end, death is the only way out of their misery. Features a solo by Karl Sanders of Nile.

11. Daydreaming (Julian):

Part 2 of the Daydreaming experience. Where Orion from track 4 is sad that things have ended, this song is from the guy's point of view who is mostly glad things are over now. Even he knows that someday they will likely reconnect.

12. Three Bunnies Medley:

Three songs that were written for a video game that Preston was working on for a fun after hours game-jam collaboration. The game was a top down shooter styled after Grand Theft Auto 1 that featured Three Bunnies who drove around in a Pink Corvette that had a machine gun mounted. These bunnies would kill forest animals in tehir search for an elusive strip club in the jungle. The songs were what Preston imagined 3 badass bunnies would be jamming out of their pink Corvette.

13. MLC: XL:

The title track of the album. Named as such as this was the first song of the album to feature a song that was not already conceived before the album started (Tee previous 12 tracks were all old songs that before the MLC: XL album were recorded on old 4 tracks using drum machines. All songs were instrumental only at that time)

14. Catch and No Release:

Based off a fake internet story we found about a Florida man who kept an alligator as a sex slave after it tried to attack him. The song has a neat narrative from two points of view. Someone who is talking about the story, then the sections where the man himself is defending his actions (the guttural vocals are from his point of view)

15. The Great Reset:

A story that blends the concepts of the fallen angels and Paradise Lost. A fictional time where humans and powerful godly and evil creatures co-existed on Earth. With all of the battles and wars going on for power, the Earth finally had enough and caused "The Great Reset" to occur.

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