Track By Tracks: Primalfrost - Lost Elegies (2021)

1. Maelstrom:

This song is meant to start the album off with a bang. A short fade-in intro followed by everything kicking indefinitely sets the tone for the album. A simple melodic chorus along with fast, gritty riffs really makes this song a solid example of what the Primalfrost sound is.

2. Bringer of Immensity:

This song is a continuation of the impressions set by the first track, while still remaining a completely new song entirely while keeping all the same expectations set previously.

3. Nomad:

This song tunes down to drop C, and the ante is upped in terms of heavy riffs, orchestration, blast beats, etc. all while maintaining a lush soundscape/atmosphere that’s consistent with the rest of the album.

4. Stormbearer:

Much like the first song, an acoustic/flamenco intro sucks you in then shocks you with the power/heaviness when the full band kicks in, with a key change on top of it. A simple, memorable chorus combined with killer riffs and shred, certainly one of my favourites on the album.

5. Voyage Into Ruin:

This song represents a change of pace, and is one of 2 long “epic” songs on the album, at just over 9 minutes. Structured in a manner where themes are repeated and expanded upon, it really is meant to take you on a journey much like a film, whereby in the end everything ties together and feels complete. Things slow down, speed back up, there’s even an orchestral, film-score-like break towards the end. Listen for yourself, it really feels complete, epic, and powerful from start to finish.

6. Solace Kingdom:

This is the oldest song on the album as far as I remember. Definitely one of the more dynamic songs, in the sense that it starts clean and slow, builds into huge orchestration/blast beats, then back again. The bridge includes a sweet, emotional string quartet, which is later revisited at the end of the album.

7. As Embers Wane:

This is the album’s acoustic interlude and is essentially like a break/breather from all the chaos and intensity. I originally wrote this piece as an interlude track when I was working on the Vital Remains album that never materialized. So, I figured it would be perfect to modify it and use it for this album in a way that fits. It has a very end of the world/apocalyptic feel.

8. Tenebrous Skies:

This is the second long/epic track of the album, clocking in at just over 11 minutes. Structurally similar to Voyage Into Ruin, but is completely separate musically. Things get a little more complex/progressive throughout unlike the other songs, including themes/melodic passages that don’t repeat, yet all tie together in a way that works. The song has a power outro that repeats over and over while simultaneously building, changing, then ultimately ending the album with a string quartet, that gradually fades into nothingness, closing off the album to feel like a complete journey.

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