Track By Tracks: Prognostication - Collapse (2021)

1. Collapse:

The 13-minute behemoth of an opening track that kicks off the album. The song covers a lot of ground and goes from absolute pummeling technical death metal to jazz and a more ambient clean section towards the end.

2. Contort:

The only song with exclusively clean vocals on the album and takes lots of influence from The Contortionist, hence the name Contort.

3. Eclipse:

A full 6 minutes of technical riffing and crazy time signatures with a more melodic structure to them.

4. Incinerate:

4 minutes of absolute brutality and breakdowns lead directly into the next track.

5. Voyage:

A 10 minute epic track that begins with proggy riffing that leads directly into an unexpected jazz break and leads directly into the rest of the track.

6. Pehm Basket:

This track starts with a slow Ambient crunch guitar playing what will be the main riff as layers build off of one another it leads to plenty of technical riffs and heavy breakdowns.

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