Track By Tracks: Sinister King - All Is Vanity (2021)

1. A Cure For Insomnia:

The story behind this song goes back a few years. It is based on a guitar riff and a vocal melody that came together during a jam session. The lyrics obviously deal with Insomnia and paranoia. The idea was to try to make a catchy chorus that would get stuck in people’s heads.

2. Sanctuary Rage:

A song about someone who did something terrible and has to live with the consequences of their actions. A cool and yet simple guitar riff. The chorus turned out both quite catchy and slightly weird, which could sometimes be an asset. A key element in this song is the use of synths, it surely gave it a different vibe.

3. All Is Vanity:

If you wanna sum up what Sinister King is all about, this song would be a great pick. A tune with both heavy and soft parts. Jostein’s epic guitar riff and Rune’s simple and catchy chorus were brought together. The vocal harmonies and the synths were important elements when this song was recorded. The lyrics are mainly about feeling hopeless and powerless.

4. Still Here:

A dark and melancholic tune that deals with depression and isolation. The drums and the pulsating bass lines form the foundation of the song, and the guitars and synths make it all gel perfectly together. Soaring vocal melodies in the verses. The chorus on this one has a somewhat different flavour compared to the other songs on the EP.

5. Death Of All Joy:

This one has a slightly more progressive taste to it. Based on a great guitar riff and a quite catchy chorus. It’s about a rather sad love story. A very important part of the song is the middle eight that also ends up with a killer guitar solo. When finishing the recordings of this song the idea was to try to make the final chorus as huge and wide as possible."

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