Track By Tracks: Sullen Guest - Phase (2022)

This is not a made-up story to appeal to many groups of people out there or fit the frame in any way, I have written the lyrics a week or two before a close person to me passed away.

After his death I've read the lyrics of the three conceptual songs in the EP album, a cold realization came that it's all partially about this event, and what about I am to experience, without me knowing about it at the time when I came up with the concept with band members and wrote the lyrics.

I had to re-write the lyrics several times to fit the order of the songs that are going to be manifested in the album, we had special care to the order, as this is the first conceptual album I participated in, so there was a lot of writing and throwing away before we managed to synchronize everything, this came hard to me as I am not a very disciplined person.

I can tell one story that when I wrote all the lyrics and went to sleep that night satisfied with the progress, I had a dream of our songs with female vocals, so I got up in the middle of the night and re-wrote the lyrics again, but this time for the final time.

Come with me, Voice Of The Subconscious, and Assent are the three songs in the album which represent 5 stages of grief - Denial, Anger, Despair, Depression, Acceptance

1. Come With Me:

Denial and Anger, it's an invitation to the listener to go through all the stages together, it's a song that tries to depict a person completely lost in anger unable to control himself haunted by inner thoughts he cannot silence in any way.

2. Voice Of The Subconscious:

Despair, and Depression, the suffering person is talking to himself female vocals represent the inner voice of the subject with some hard thoughts.

3. Assent:

Acceptance and realization, the final piece of the EP album, female vocals act as subconscious voice again provide insight but with more light this time and way out of this process

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