Band Biographies: Copehill Down

Take the crushing riffs and technical execution of Killswitch Engage, the sweeping hooks and epic choruses of Parkway Drive, the raw aggression of Unearth and As I Lay Dying, plus lyrics that are as discomforting as they are profound and the result is the relentless and uncompromising metal five piece – Copehill Down.

“Our roots stem from metalcore but as we continually develop our sound, we are infusing elements of progressive and djent styles with a view to forge a unique sound that can’t be labelled as any specific genre.”

The band are ambitious and experimental song writers, often influenced by issues and experiences that challenge the state of society and human nature. Their combined passion, energy and dedication can be heard in every song:

“We strive to continually push ourselves and our song-writing, always conscious of not wanting to pigeonhole ourselves.”

Self managed and self taught, the five members of Copehill Down record, mix and master their own songs, and even design their own artwork and merch. Copehill Down are determined to calve out their name as one of the most formidable UK metal bands to come out of South Wales.

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