Behind The Artworks: Ancient Settlers - Our Last Eclipse: The Settlers Saga Pt:1 (2022)

First of all, we wanted a good presentation card to the listener; a statement of who we are, and what we have to bring to the table. We’re all in the band exiled from our homeland and we’re trying to make a new life, in soil that’s not ours, but always remembering every day where we’re from.

The symbolic aspect of the cover represents how we leave something behind, something that dies inside, a tiny part of ourselves doesn’t depart with us and it’s forcibly represented in this kind of aura, this spirit that leaves us, that dies the day we migrate, in order to become a new us, a great quote to it would be –“The man I once was, I have left him behind”.

The visual aspect of the album, this idol, this token of suffering which, as you can see, it’s a very neutral face, and it’s replicated numerous times, represents that it’s not only one person, it’s massive suffering of people that leave against their will, in order to survive at least.

The facial expressions are purposely made to be neutral, in order to symbolize two sides of the same coin; sadness, grief, pain… but on the other hand, hope, a sense of discovery, and eventually, healing. Gustavo “Perkele” Sazes did marvelous work in visualizing the concept and bringing it to life.

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