Behind The Artworks: Fortune Child - Close To The Sun (2022)

Our very own lead singer Christian Powers created this artwork. With the name Fortune Child, we thought a lot about representing a sort of cosmic, universal "fortune" that everyone has a connection to as a soul in this world. The title "Close To The Sun" also gave us a further push in an astrological direction. So we wanted the cover to have a magical but arcane sort of look, something reminiscent of old astrology/alchemy diagrams from medieval times - golden star charts and magical contraptions from a wizard in a stone tower. To us, the eye logo in the middle represents awareness and attention - a sharp mind and vision that can bring things to life! And to round it out, the symbols in the four corners are our own astrological sun signs: one Capricorn (Buddy), one Scorpio (Christian), and two Libras (Mel and Jon). We think Christian did a great job combining all of these ideas in this cover, and we feel like it captures the special and magical energy that we hope the music can spread to others!

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