Behind The Tracks: Grave Next Door - As Heavy As Texas (Single) (2022)

''I’m fascinated with the iconic image of Santa Muerte. The personification of death, and protector of gun violence. I was never into the saints but she seemed to be edgy and badass. We instructed artist Steven Yoyada to put flesh over her Skelton and make her extremely sexy. Instead of having her wield her traditional scythe we upgraded her with a machine gun. Her traditional black robe was replaced with a white dress splattered with the blood of her enemies, and yes because she’s a badass rocker she is wearing fishnets! Her face is done in a sugar skull which is beautiful artwork again another fascination of “Day Of The Dead” in Mexico. We strove for a strong femme’ fatale heroine type and that was achieved.

In the song “As Heavy As Texas” we have the verse. “Santa Muerte that’s our Saint, work in blood like others do paint” We also have her draped in the flag of Texas with the iconic Alamo in the background. She’s our superhero saint. ''

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