Track By Tracks: CRUSADE OF BARDS - Tales Of The Seven Seas (2022)

Arctic Ocean:

1. Anuri:

The intro of the album begins with the traditional Inuit throat singing. “Anuri” means “wind” in Inuktut.

2. The Northwest Passage:

This powerful song is about the failed British expedition of the HMS Erebus and the HMS Terror to find the northwest passage. The lyrics are about fictional letters that Captain Sir John Franklin is writing to his spouse, writer Lady Eleanor Anne Porden, during the failed expedition. The initial hope turns into despair when the inevitable is closing in the sailors.

Atlantic Ocean:

3. An Ocean Between Us – Part III – New World:

Immigration in the XX century had a key role in forming the society we know today. This song talks about Annie Moore, the first registered Irish immigrant on Ellis Island, and the deep inner battle that happens when somebody has to endure leaving the beloved home in search of a better future.

4. Dunkirk Privateers:

The French town of Dunquerque was the port of a group of fearless corsairs between the XVI and XVII centuries. Their knowledge of the dangerously shallow waters of the English Channel made it almost impossible for merchant ships to avoid falling into the hands of Jean Bart and his crew.

Mediterranean Sea:

5. Vento Aureo:

This song is about the rise of the Marine Republic of Venice. From the era of the Doges, to the expeditions to the far east, from the expansion of the trade to the construction of the most unique city in the world. The lyrics of the Italian part of the chorus are the actual lyrics of the hymn of Venice.

6. Naupaktos:

The battle of Lepanto between the Holy League and the Ottoman Empire. The song is an overview of the event that avoids taking the side of one of the opponents but rather prefers to portray the horror of a ferocious event seen from both sides.

7. Caribbean Sea:

Manti: Interlude, Manti is a word in Haitian creole that means “lie”.

8. The Red Charade:

This song is an allegoric critique of imperialism and colonialism that began in the XVII century and slowly evolved in the superiority complex of the western world towards all other people. The lyrics draw clear parallelism between the modern capitalist corruption and the old aristocratic addiction to privilege at all costs.

Indian Ocean:

9. Hasard:

The supposed speech that Captain Robert Sourcouf, maneuvering the Hasard, made to his 23 men before successfully capturing the 150-men crew Triton.

10. Samudr Ka Mandir:

Literally “Temple by the seashore” in Hindi. This acoustic song is a prayer that sailors dedicate to the gods of the ocean for ensuring a safe trip.

Pacific Ocean:

11. Lies & Ashes feat. Fabio Lione:

Hollywood is responsible for portraying numerous historical falsities and misconceptions from Egyptian traditional music to the figure of the pirates. The comedian Jack-Sparrow-like sailor is nothing but a clownish vision of a group of men and women that fought for centuries against the tyranny of the colonialists and imperialists in the name of freedom and equality.

12. Leap of Faith:

The expedition of Magallanes and Elcano to circumnavigate the earth for the first time was a journey like no other before. Despite facing extreme conditions and countless problems, their success is a clear reminder that hard work and perseverance pay off.

Antarctic Ocean:

13. The White Witch:

The failed British expedition of Robert Falcon Scott to reach the South Pole is a reminder of how powerful and overwhelming Nature can be. Yet the security of imminent death, can still generate feelings of gratefulness and warning to the ones who will come after.

14. As Above, So Below:

“Tales of the Seven Seas” began with a song about a failed British expedition to the North Pole. Achievement later completed by Roald Amundsen. It ends with a song about a failed British expedition to reach the south pole before anybody else. Achievement completed first by Roald Amundsen…As Above, So Below.

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