Track By Tracks: Day Of Departure - Day Of Departure (2022)

1. ...And We Prepare for Our End - (8:00):

The opening track to the album creates a serene landscape that slowly evolves into the realization of the imminent demise of the planet. Our inability to protect and nourish our planet has resulted in an otherworldly reckoning. The ebb and flow of the dynamics in the song give the listener a momentary sense of relief until the outro kicks in to utterly destroy the listener, and all hope fades as does the ending of the song.

2. The Edge of Annihilation - (6:13):

The attack on us has left us decimated. We are in disbelief at the extent to which our visitors have gone to annihilate all that exists. The song builds and builds, just as the waves of destruction pour over our civilization and crescendos into nothingness.

3. The Light In Our Eye Grows Dim - (3:01):

This instrumental track represents the desolation and shock that the remainder of civilization is coming to grips with. They contemplate what is next left to do…

4. Pierce the Sky (Conflict) - (4:32):

The last remnants of humanity decide they must do all they can to fight back in order to survive. There is a call to action and humanity mounts a desperate attack to salvage what they can. The song is a driving force throughout and meant to provide a sense that the tides may be turning, only to be crushed in the end.

5. Ex Machina - (5:46):

Civilization as we know it is eliminated. Just as the first portion of the album involves the chaos and destruction of our civilization, this song transitions the listener into the realization that there is a new path forward both musically and with the fate of civilization. We proceed to evolve into our new reality.

6. Life Prevails - (6:13):

The song is a rebirth as we begin our journey into the next era. We contemplate our future and begin to realize the uncertainty of the path forward. But we are encouraged that we are able to evolve into this next chapter.

7. The Future Has No Form - (3:24):

This instrumental track presents the realization that our future is fraught with chaos. We are being torn apart but begin to emerge from the confusion and pandemonium into the next chapter of our evolution.

8. Living Matter - (7:34):

As we re-materialize into this new form we are contemplative and pained by what has transpired. We feel new life coursing through our being and the song takes the listener through this metamorphosis to emerge into our current consciousness. We recognize how we were the cause of our demise.

9. Awaken To The Beyond - (5:50):

We fully awaken to contemplate our existence and are unable to comprehend what lies ahead. This is a chance for redemption to break from the cycle of destruction and rebirth. The song and our journey come to a final conflict and climax as we struggle with who we are and where we will go.

10. The Beyond - (2:17):

This last instrumental track reflects us freeing ourselves from the unending cycle and surrendering to the infinite.

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