Track By Tracks: Evadne - The Pale Light Of Fireflies (2022)

"The Pale Light Of Fireflies" is an album that narrates different stories, they all have one element in common, each protagonist receives a visit from a firefly, it will guide them with its light through the dark paths.

In reality, it is death, hidden in a black disguise, she will use her spells to take them to the realm of no return.

1. Shadows:

The shadow of death bewitches us, it comes for us dragging us from life to the world of the dead, to the darkness of its forests where there is no return.

2. Under Blessed Skies:

The story narrates the last moments, feelings, sensations and landscapes before a suicidal end. They are the reflections of a tormented soul who looks at his body with great relief just after leaving it.

3. Where Silence Dwells:

You can dream that you are in an idyllic world, feeling the company and caresses of your beloved, but the harsh reality of your situation can leave you with your heart on a silver platter, in a cold morgue bed.

4. The Pale Light Of Fireflies:

This song gives the album its name. In this story, the visit of the firefly will enchant and guide the protagonist deep into the woods. There, the firefly will show his true face, it is death, she has come to free him from the weight of life and guide him to his end.

5. Ablaze Dawn Eyes:

When we humans accept the defeat of our life and understand that our end has come, some lose their fear and are wishing that death would free them from the weight and pain of life.

6. Hollow Realms:

Sometimes death comes suddenly, sometimes slowly, but the cruelest of all is the one that extinguishes the flame of the soul and not of our body. Dying in life and feeling how little by little our identity is fading away.

7. Silhouettes Of A Faceless Sun:

The story reconnects with the beginning of the album, describing the exact moment when death comes to visit us to take us with her.

8. The Vacuum:

It is the end of the road, all those tormented souls that after death have been lost, like a ship in the ocean, waiting to find the lighthouse that guides them towards its light.

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