Track By Tracks: HYPERIA - Silhouettes Of Horror (2022)

1. Hypnagogia:

Fast opening track that sets the pace for the album. Lyrically it deals with the condition “Hypnagogia” which is a state between wakefulness and sleep where someone experiences hallucinations.

2. Intoxication Therapy:

Our classic thrash song on the album is about dependence on alcohol and a party lifestyle. It borders on a fun yet a real topic that a lot of people might relate to.

3. Experiment 77:

This song was written about a government experiment where they dosed subjects with LSD for 77 days to study the human mind, doubling the dose each day. It showcases a lot of intricate moments for each instrument and contains extended dual-guitar solo as well as bass solos.

4. Severed:

The slowest song on the album. A change of pace from the rest of the album. Lyrically it’s about how humans were originally all connected, but how throughout time the link of our collective consciousness has been severed.

5. Prisoner Of The Mind:

A super melodic and classical-based lick starts this song off. It leads into a fast and thrashy verse with a big, catchy sing-along chorus. Lyrically it describes how we are all slaves to our thoughts and conditioning.

6. Terror Serum:

Terror Serum is a song about living life in fear. A metaphor for being injected by fear from media, news, and our entire culture. Musically a high-energy song, it shows off a range of vocal styles and includes an extended C-section with harmonized guitar leads.

7. Whitecoat:

Whitecoat is influenced by Stephen King’s novel “The Institute” where the government runs experiments on young people to harness their powers and create psychological warfare. Another fast- paced classic thrash song that is sure to start pits live.

8. Silhouettes Of Horror:

The title track of the album – this song starts with only guitar and builds with drums into a fast-paced double kick frenzy. A constant pulse flows throughout the song that is ridden with heavy vocals and instrumentals.

9. Operation Midnight:

Operation Midnight is the first single from the album and accompanied by a music video. This song is hard-hitting with melodic vocal lines and sporadic guitar riffs. A catchy and memorable song that portrays what the whole album is about.

10. Pleonexia:

The grand finale and longest song on the album. Lyrically, the song is about corporate greed and how it affects our society. Another fast song with constant double kicks and a variety of vocal types.

11. Gimme Gimme Gimme:

Our homage to the great ABBA. We took this classic song and made it thrash with an extended solo section. We’ve always been fans of non-metal metal covers and wanted to demonize the pop hit.

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