Track By Tracks: Midnite Hellion - Kingdom Immortal (2022)

1. H.M.O:

Never give up on your dreams, no matter what obstacles are in your way. Based on true stories.

2. She-Demon:

She-Demon will leave you on the brink of death if you’re not careful. Falling in love in New Orleans was never so grim!

3. Phantomland:

Join us in the stagecoach and head to the mountainside. Beware, the things that go bump in the night are not your imagination in Phantomland.

4. Rapscallion:

Trouble is now spelled with a capital R. In the deep dark alleys of the big city, unknown to his victims lurks Rapscallion. Don’t go out alone...

5. Speed Demon:

The first single from Kingdom Immortal takes you on a wild ride. Flames, thunder, and speed is your ticket. Hold on tight!

6. Resurrected:

Hell on earth, pleasure ‘n pain. Back from the dead, evil never felt so good. What doesn’t kill you will bury you alive.

7. Army Of The Dead:

A battle for humanity between the living and the living dead. When a soldier dies, he joins the Army Of The Dead. Pray that your corpse is burned, or suffer eternal torment. Winter is here, make sure you GOT your sword.

8. In Sickness And In Hell:

The earth shatters, the underworld exposed. The groom seeks his bride. Even screams from the Heavens can’t stop fate. A love song? Crank it up and see for yourself!

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