Track By Tracks: TRISKELYON - TRISKELYON (2022)

1. Hunger:

This EP opener is a statement. It starts with no buildup just straight into the fun speedy thrash riffage. This was also the first song I wrote for this project. After I had it written and got the drums done, I knew I was onto something. The song is about a hunger for change in the world. I am not a fan of the way the world is heading in terms of politics, divisions, and how stuck in their ways and traditions people are. The chorus line “It's the time for the fearless to rise. A hunger for change in their eyes.” gets to the theme and heart of the song's idea.

2. Find A Way:

This is the more melodic of the three and has a bit more groove. It's about my life in a way with lyrics about feeling somewhat isolated from the pandemic....even tho the song itself is not at all about the pandemic. It's just a song about feelings and finding my way through it all.

3. Odyssey (Blessed by Steel):

This is the fastest and most intense song on the EP. It's speedy and full-throttle thrash. The lyrics are again personal and about my musical life journey as told through using song references which as astute listener might pick up on a few of them.

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