Band Biographies: Eyes Of The Living

EYES OF THE LIVING are a Philadelphia (U.S.A.) based Modern Thrash Metal band that was established in 2016 and is made up of four veteran musicians from the Philadelphia music scene; Tim Swisher - Vocals & Guitar, Chris Moore - Bass & Backing Vocals, Mike Straiton - Lead Guitar and Cliff Fritts - Drums.

While band members have composed music for a few hit TV Shows such as The Messengers, True Hollywood Story, THAT METAL SHOW, and OZZY AND JACKS WORLD DETOUR, their passion is creating and performing their own brand of Thrash Metal with ambitions to grow a strong fan base while establishing themselves worldwide. Eyes of the Living continue to set their sound toward the ears of eager metal listeners worldwide with their unique and uncompromising brand of modern-day Thrash Metal.

The band is currently set to release their new full-length "Fear Comes Knocking". Influenced by the current state of the world, the effort features some of the darkest, heaviest, and most unrelenting material in Eyes of the Living's history.

Vocalist/guitarist Tim Swisher commented, "As much as we may not intentionally want it to, I feel the writing process became influenced by the current times and state of things, evident in the title track and first single "Fear Comes Knocking". This album feels a bit heavier, maybe even darker in sound and mood on some tracks. The lyrical content touches on subjects of fear, anger, betrayal, religion, and overcoming certain emotions. It continues to expand in the direction we are headed in musically, without deviating too much from our roots in Thrash Metal."

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