Band Biographies: MALEDIA

The Maledia project was born in 2000 from the minds of Mechanix (drums), Maleun (Bass) and Dani (Guitar and Voice). In 2001, Marco (Keyboards) and Loo (soprano voice of the band Daemonia by Claudio Simonetti) joined the band. For several years the band played gothic metal with influences of Nightwish/After Forever. In 2005, the band completely self-produced the mini-CD Black Heaven, recording and mixing it at the Outer Sound Studios.

In 2009, the band released their first album She And Her Darkness. The album received many positive reviews and was supported by many live concerts in Europe sharing the stage with bands such as Theaters des Vampires, Macbeth, To Die For. Their second album, Your Angels Cry was released in May 2012. The album definitely has a more attractive and modern style where the band shows maturity and definition. In 2013, Maledia definitively abandoned “gothic metal” and together with it, the female voice. In the same year, Hedon joined the band on solo guitarist and growl voice. Together they started working on new songs, on new stylistic mechanics, with a new, much more aggressive sound, approaching a melodic metalcore sound (In Flames, Asking Alexandria, Bullet For My Valentine). In 2017, the band released their new album, Human Trash Deluxe and in 2018, they released their first official video for the song Not Homologated. In April 2019, Maledia released their second official video fora previously unreleased track Falling Generation and this was followed by support dates on a mini-tour of Soilwork.

During the period of the Covid 19 lockdown, the band chose to continue with just the three founding members, focusing on the quality of the songs, adding a blend of modern and electronic sounds. Their new album, Phobia, will be released via Sliptrick Records in 2022.

Maledia are:

Dani – Vocals/Guitar | Mechanix – Drums | Maleun – Bass

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