Band Biographies: Threads Of Fate

Conceived during the summer of 2017, cinematic metal band Threads of Fate began as the brainchild of John Pyres. Driven to create music that combined the bombastic, dramatic nature of soundtrack music with the aggressive elements of metal, along with emotional, deeply personal lyrics inspired by the human experience, Pyres enlisted the talents of Jack Kosto on guitars and production, and Vikram Shankar on keyboards and orchestrations. The band released their debut EP “A Funeral for the Virtuous” in November 2018 to positive reviews, with one review calling the EP “easily the best symphonic and cinematic release heard all year.”
The band’s follow-up and debut full length “The Cold Embrace of The Light” was recorded over the course of the following year, as they sought to expand their sound and create darker, more emotional musical landscapes. The record sees Threads of Fate explore more dynamic territory, with more light and shade, heaviness and atmosphere, while preserving their symphonic, melodic approach.

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