Behind The Artworks: DIRTY SHIRT - Get Your Dose Now! (2022)

Lia: I guess I couldn't resist drawing the "sexy nurse" cliché. I've worked with Dirty Shirt over the years, most recently on their "Pretty Faces" video. It called for this comic book, a pop-art aesthetic which is in my top 3 go-to drawing styles, if not actually my favourite one. So it was obviously a pleasure and lots of fun to design the whole album. Since the album is mostly pandemic-themed, so is the cover. The "dose" in the title can be comprehended both as a shot or as an endorphin rush, brought on by music. So I thought it would be funny if I could embody this analogy in the shape of a cute nurse whose stethoscope is actually a walkman and whose syringe is filled with "sick beats".

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