Behind The Artworks: Man Machine Industry - Man Machine Industry (2022)

The cover art is done by multiartist Anders Plassgård. This guy can play every instrument known to man, he writes songs, he sings, he paints, he takes wicked photos but mostly he’s a great digital artist. Very dark and twisted stuff.

The character on the cover art is the same one you can see on the 2020 album ”Doomsday Clock”. My idea was to include the guy like a ”mascot” and gave him the name President Doomsday. So you will be seing a lot more of him.

Mine and Anders work together is somewhat odd though. He sends me photoshopped layers of his selected art and I move, tweek and do the layout to fit the concept and the album.

However, It’s all HIS art, it’s his designs. I just tweek it to fit the theme I want and he has the last say in it.

I do respect him and his work 100 % while doing so though.

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